Guangdong Huge Aluminum Co., LTD. is a comprehensive enterprise invested by “Wholly Foreign Invested” enterprises in the production of aluminum alloy profiles and aluminum alloy processing products. The company is located on #8, West RD, GuangLong Industrial Park, Chencun Town, Shunde, Foshan cit… …

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Flow chart

Guangdong huge Aluminum Co. Ltd. has from the aluminum design, casting, extrusion, mold design and manufacturing, surface treatment (oxidation, spraying), windows and deep processing, a complete production process and mechanical equipment, with the production of the whole process of the complete chain of aluminum profiles and perfect auxiliary assisted process, process and the whole process of the production workshop. The main products are divided into: substrate, anodized profiles, powder coating profiles, thermal profiles, wood profiles and aluminum alloy doors and windows curtain wall.

废气消烟除尘脱硫 熔铸 挤压工业型材质检工业型材包装氧化 粉末喷涂 隔热节能型材深加工建筑型材质检建筑型材包装
  • Aluminum ingot stacking area

  • casting

  • Heat storage equipment

  • oxidation

  • sewage disposal

  • Mold making

  • extrusion

  • Spray

  • deep processing

  • finished product


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